5 Ways To Bring Life Into Your Office Space

The Portable Garden Series

Make a garden anywhere with us. This is our new series celebrating everything green and the wonderful benefits of bringing the elements of nature into your space.

1. Keep it Green

Bringing nature inside never fails to give a space an instant uplift, we think. Break up any harsh white and greys of the office with a bit of greenery. Choose the perfect pot or vase to compliment your plants, something on your desk that makes you smile.

2. Scents of Spring

Bring the scents of Spring indoors with our freshest and earthiest fragrances. Viagem, Greenhouse and Flower Power are our top picks for the Spring and Summer months.

If your office has a no burn policy, hang up the air freshener instead, or use one of our home mists for an instant scent lift.

3. Cleanse the Space (& your mind)

Bring in that good energy to help up your productivity with some of our crystals...which look equally great on your desk. For mental focus we'd recommend Fluorite, and for creativity go for orange calcite.

Read our complete guide to choosing crystals here.

4. Sounds of Outside

We're not talking specifically about birds chirping and sounds of waterfalls...but whatever you fancy. Pair your favourite Earl of East scent for work with its scent playlist.

For easy listening at work, we'd recommend our Strand playlist, inspired by the cobbled streets of Copenhagen.

5. Stay Inspired

Books and magazines are essential for us in both our home and at work offices. Taking the time to shift your eyes away from the screen can be an invaluable source of inspiration...and escapism.

Read about some of the greatest green projects in Gardens of Eden or how you could start growing fresh herbs at your city office in Urban Farmers.

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