The Scented Candle Workshop

Launching our book 'The Scented Candle Workshop' marked our business turning five years old.
We have been lucky enough to share our knowledge of candle making all over the world, however, this book allowed us to to share our passion to a much wider audience.
It delves deeper into fragrance and memory and is designed to be a how to guide to keep with you as you become immersed in this wonderful craft.

When we began the creative process of writing this book, we had no idea just how much we would enjoy it and despite also being in the midst of opening our second flagship store in Kings Cross and at the time both holding down our other full-time jobs, this was quite literally the experience of a lifetime.

You’ll find a series of exercises helping you to start creating your own candles at home, either for yourself or for a special occasion and a fascinating exploration of the history and art of building a scent.

This last year had been kinda crazy for everyone, but with more time indoors we have had so many of you say the how useful this book has been as a guide to picking up the craft that we love so dearly.

Candle Workshop

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