How To Choose The Right Crystals For Your Intentions

5 Crystals for 5 Intentions

When choosing a crystal, it is helpful to identify what it is that you are wanting from it - that could be bringing something additional into your life or removing negative aspects within your life.

To celebrate the launch of She’s Lost Control crystals on our site, we asked our resident candle maker (and crystal expert) Bethany to share her knowledge on each crystal and how it could benefit you at a particular time or moment in your life.


For Energising, Confidence & New Beginnings
Citrine is known as the stone of prosperity, joy and energy making it a great crystal to work with at the start of new pursuits and fresh beginnings. It is said to promote self-confidence and raise self-esteem which can help greatly with manifestation, especially when it comes to success and wealth.

Tips for use:
Citrine can be a wonderful addition to your home, its striking yellow tones can brighten up a space and bring some much-needed sunshine inside.


Black Tourmaline

For Grounding, Protection & Promoting Positive Mindset
Black Tourmaline is famed for its grounding properties. It is connected to the root chakra and can promote feelings of safety, security and a stronger sense of being rooted to the earth. The stone is said to rid the mind of negative thought patterns such as anger and anxiety creating more room for rational thinking and an overall more positive mindset.

Tips for use:
Wearing Black Tourmaline on your person is a great way to benefit from the crystal’s grounding and protective energy wherever you go. Keep it close by in your pocket.


Blue Calcite

For Creating Flow & Enhancing Creativity
Blue Calcite is the crystal to soothe and relax nerves. Its calming effects allow rational thinking which can aid with creating flow within our lives. The crystal is known to enhance creativity and allow better expression and clearer communication.

Tips for use:
Blue Calcite is said to aid with dream recall and can encourage rest and relaxation. This makes it a perfect addition to your bedroom space.


Rose Quartz

For Love, Friendships & Self Care
With its connection to the heart chakra, the Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love and is commonly used to call in more love to your life. Not only can it be used to manifest romantic love, the Rose Quartz is a great stone for enhancing friendships, family connections and self-love.

Tips for use:
Introducing Rose Quartz into your self-care routine can work in promoting a sense of self-love. Crystal face rollers and Gua Sha tools are increasingly popular as a way to use crystals in your everyday routine.



For Focus, Mental Clarity & Decision Making
Known as the ‘Genius Stone’ Fluorite is said to promote mental clarity and improve memory and concentration. It is commonly used in decision-making and is a great crystal to help clear a cluttered mind.

Tips for use:
Fluorite is known to enhance focus, this makes the Crystal a great tool to use for work, whether you’re in the office or working from home.


Cleansing your Crystals

Crystals are said to absorb the negative energy that you’re aiming to release, therefore it’s important to cleanse your crystals regularly (usually once per month) to ensure this energy is dispersed and the crystals can continue to work to their full potential.

Smoke cleansing is one of the most popular methods to cleanse crystals and involves using the smoke of smouldering medicinal herbs in order to remove negative energy. Throughout history, Indigenous people around the world have used smoke cleansing within ceremonial practices in order to clear negative energy from objects, rooms or people’s energy fields.

Sage bundles and incense are commonly used to cleanse crystals. Ensure you have a suitable container to burn them in and open a window so allow the energy to flow out of the room. Hold the crystals in the smoke and visualise the crystal being cleansed with new, refreshing energy.

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