The Story of Flower Power

Our ode to an everlasting summer
Earl of East interview with French artist and illustrator Marylou Faure
An exhilarating blend of sweet violet, powdery peony, and black tea, our Flower Power scent brings to life the hazy sun-filled days of an everlasting summer.

With sweet floral notes of violet combined with spicy black tea, this is our modern take on a floral classic.

Rebellious in spirit, Flower Power is a nod to 1960’s counterculture and will create a harmonious vibe in your space.

Scents to Stay

Spring Exclusives

For Spring 2022 we launched two exclusive seasonal pieces - the Flower Power baseball cap and Flower Power Nalgene water bottle. Both ideal for your travels and on the go.
The Glassware
Batch Glass
Batch Glass
Batch Glass
Batch Glass
Batch Glass
In addition to the new scent, we partnered with the wonderful glassmakers, Batch from Clavering in the UK, who created two bespoke mouth-blown glass pieces for us - the Flower Power ashtray and incense holder. Perfect to pair with our Incense Sticks and Incense Cones.

Each piece is crafted by Phoebe and Jonathan at the Batch studio, which we visited a few months prior and saw the first of our prototypes being created, more on that in the video below.

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