5 Of The Best Indoor-Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

Get the most out of the furniture you invest in by opting for pieces that are perfectly adapted for both inside and outside living.

Here we share 5 of our favourite furniture pieces and accessories by ferm LIVING that work wonderfully across home and garden.

The Plant Box

Don’t let the name trick you. The Plant Box by ferm LIVING was originally made for outside, but can actually be used in so many ways throughout your home.

Bedside table, hallway console, bathroom storage, the list goes on. Read our complete guide of all the ways you can use the plant box.

The Desert Stool
Stylish, lightweight and really easy to store, the Desert Stool series by ferm LIVING is one of our most used items around the home.

Durable for both indoor and outdoor use, the frame is crafted from powder coated steel and the fabric seat made from recycled post-consumer plastic.

It’s the perfect portable seat to take to BBQs, the park, or whenever you need an extra chair. We love to use it in the home at a vanity table, as a magazine stand, or a good foot rest.
The Flod Terracotta Table
Specifically adapted for indoor-outdoor living, ferm LIVING’s Food Table series is crafted in Italy from the finest clay material.

Its tiles are placed into the frame without sealant to allow for any rain or moisture to smoothly pass through the tabletop and perforated frame.

Available as a dining table, coffee table or square café table.
The Desert Dining Chair
Much like the Desert Stool, ferm LIVING’s Desert Dining Chair provides an elegant seating solution that is perfect for inside-outdoor living.

Pair it with the Café Fold Table for a dining set up that looks equally beautiful inside as it it does out.

Lightweight and easy to transport, fold the chairs away when not in use.
The Hourglass Pot
Make a statement of your house or garden plants with the Hourglass Pot series by ferm LIVING.

Crafted from durable metal with a matte finish, the pots are durable for both inside and outside use, so you can relocate depending on the season.

Use either way up depending on your plant’s needs.

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