3 Ways To Use your Earl of East Air Freshener

Our air fresheners, aka scent tags, are made to take with you, or enjoy at home. Available in all our Earl of East scents, keep on reading to see how we like to use them best.

The Car

The original portable fragrance and the original inspiration behind our Air Fresheners, take your favourite scent with you, wherever you go.

Tip: The perfect accompaniment for any road trip, burn the candle version of your road trip air freshener when you return home and re-live the memories through scent.

The Wardrobe

Remember scented draw liners? This is the updated, less 80s version. Hang Earl of East air fresheners in your wardrobe or place in drawers to keep your clothes smelling their best.

Tip: Choose scents containing Cedarwood like Atlas Cedar and Shinrin-Yoku to help keep moths away.

The Travel Bag

Gym duffel or long haul flight luggage, place an Earl of East air freshener in your travel bag for an always pleasant scent surprise upon opening.

Tip: Fresher and lighter scents like Strand and Viagem work wonders for tightly packed bags.

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