5 Easy Ways To Refresh Your Bathroom Space

...without redecorating or remodelling

Our bathroom is a really important space for us, it's the place our daily rituals start and end the day.

Fancy giving your bathroom a refresh? Read our best tricks to update your space, without needing to renovate or redecorate.


1. Let The Accessories Talk

When you can’t make big changes to your space, let the decor set the tone. Investing in bathroom accessories you really love not only changes the mood of the room, but also brings a little bit of enjoyment to your daily bathing rituals, we think.

2. Wall Art

Plain white wall? No problem. If you rent your place you’re probably no stranger to command strips. It goes without saying that artwork can completely transform a space into your own.

The Happiness Collective is our go-to for beautiful film prints. They are available in a range of sizes and frame options, and will arrive to you framed and ready to hang. Easy.

For any gallery walls in progress, we love the curved lines of ferm LIVING's Pond Mirror to break up any straight lines, making your bathroom space that little bit more serene.

3. Refresh the Scent

Find a new favourite fragrance to refresh the mood of your bathroom. Inspired by the rituals of bathing, our Onsen & Shinrin-Yoku scents make up the Earl of East Bathing Line, which was created to elevate your daily bathing rituals.

Onsen is an uplifting blend of peppermint, eucalyptus and mandarin inspired by the hot Springs of Japan - our favourite for morning.

If you prefer earthier scents, try Shinrin-Yoku, it’s a unique blend of cedarwood, oakmoss, and black pepper inspired by forest bathing.

4. Smart Storage

Available in cashmere or black, the Haze Wall Cabinet by ferm LIVING is the ideal home to tidy away your bathroom toiletries. Made from elegant reeded glass panels this sleek cabinet isn't just for function, it makes for a beautiful wall feature too.

Opt for these new storage crates by HAY for a quick fix to store away any bathroom paraphernalia. Available in different colours, they pack down small and stack on top of each other too. Use them to organise drawers or cupboards, or keep them on display for a pop of colour.

5. Beauty Worth Showing Off

Smarten up your sink with a new Earl of East hand wash and hand balm duo. Bottled in our luxurious glass amber packaging, our hand care products are available in our bestselling Onsen and Shinrin-Yoku scents.

As for skincare, keep it proudly on display and neatly contained thanks to ferm LIVING's Bon Tray series.

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