Ideas for Every Space

ferm LIVING's sleek designs and tonal colour palettes allow you to use their pieces in many spaces and seasons in your home. The Plant Box especially is created for you to discover and constantly evolve how you use it in your home.

From a place to display green living to organising your kitchen, the design and additional components makes it useable in many spaces. Here's how we use ours...

1. Outdoors Indoors

The Plant Box is designed to work just as well outside as it does inside. Bring it indoors during the colder months when you need a green fix inside, then move it outside for the Summer months.

2. Kitchen & Dining

Clear some space on your counter top and have your go-to recipe books, utensils and favourite condiments on display and at the ready.

3. The Bar

Plant box turned bar cart, display your special glassware and bottles ready to mix your favourite drink when the time's right.

4. Home Office

Ideal for storing books and stationery if you have no space for (or run out of space on) a bookshelf. Or, simply use the Plant Box to bring some green life into your work space.

5. Bedside

Add a tray top and make excellent use of the Plant Box as a bedside table. Also great to hide away bedside essentials that can make other surfaces look a bit too cluttered.

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