The Ultimate Guide to Scenting Your Home for Winter

Welcome in the holiday season with warming scents that you won't want to leave the house for. Scenting your home for winter can help set the mood, evoke feelings of comfort, and enhance your overall experience. Keep on reading for all our best tips...

Seasonal Candle Scents

What better way to welcome in a new season than a warming new scent for home. Fragrances such as balsam cedar, cade, leather and amber all nod to creating that rich and comforting atmosphere, associated with the colder, festive months. Find all our bestselling scents for Winter here.

Tip: Discover a new way to enjoy our bestselling scents for winter by burning Jardin de la Lune and Smoke & Musk at the same time, aka, our 'smoky' pairing. Read all our scent pairing recommendations here.


Incense Sticks & Cones

We love incense not only for its fragrance, but also the mindful benefits associated with incense rituals. So, if incense is more your thing - good news, our signature candle scents are now available as incense cones and sticks.

Tip: For a scent that will instantly bring warmth and a sense of cosy to your space, try our Elementary incense. It's a luxurious blend of leather, tobacco leaf and amber.


Essential Oil Blends

You're staying in for the evening - pop a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend into your diffuser, settle in and enjoy. One of our favourites for unwinding on Winter evenings, our Shinrin-Yoku essential oil is a bespoke blend of cedar wood, oakmoss and black pepper known for its relaxation and calming properties.

Tip: Essential oils blends containing eucalyptus and clary sage can work wonders in the colder months to help soothe Winter colds. Try our Clean and Onsen blends.


Fresh Winter Greenery

The addition of natural seasonal greenery in your home like pine, fir, and cedar branches, not only look the part, but will also enhance the seasonal aromas of your winter candles and fragrances, and vice versa.

Tip: Amp up (or create) the aroma of your natural Christmas tree by hanging up our Smoke & Musk air freshener. It's a unqiue blend green balsam fir, wood smoke, and musky patchouli - a bestseller every Winter.


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