3 Cleansing Rituals for Setting Intentions

With Copal, Palo Santo & Sage

Rituals for cleansing and setting new intentions can be beneficial at any time, we do especially love to complete them as we venture into a new year, time or space. Here we share 3 of our favourites featuring our Copal Incense, Palo Santo Stick and Sage Bundle.

Copal Incense Sticks

Created from the sap of the Copal Tree, endemic to Mexico and parts of Central America, Copal is a powerful scent. Warm and slightly medicinal, with notes of citrus and pine, it is used widely during prayer and meditation and is said to encourage emotional healing and energetic cleansing.

You’ll need a lighter, an incense holder and a Copal incense stick.

Light the sick until it burns with a flame, then blow out after 10 seconds. Place the stick in your holder, and allow the smoke to carry. Spend some moments enjoying the uplifting scent as the resin bubbles into a heavy, sweet smoke.

Palo Santo

Native to Central and some parts of South America, and related to copal, frankincense and myrrh, the Palo Santo tree has been used for spiritual, ritual and medicinal purposes throughout time. It’s scent is woody, earthy, sweet and citrus, both calming and uplifting. It is important to source from responsible suppliers.

You’ll need a lighter, a heat proof vessel, some salt and a Palo Santo stick. Lay a small bed of salt onto the vessel. Open a window a little to allow old energy to exit.

If you’d like to, set an intention - calm, health, fortune, you choose.

Light your Palo Santo using your lighter. It can take a while to catch, up to 30 seconds or so. When you have a red glow or small flame and start to see the smoke curving you can blow it out and place it on to your chosen vessel.

Focus on your intention, and enjoy the transition, be that in mood, pace or atmosphere.

Sage Bundle

An ancient spiritual ritual, burning sage is known for its cleansing and antimicrobial properties, making it one of our favourite rituals for refreshing our homes. Sage burning can also used to cleanse the energy of a space before meditation, yoga and other intentional rituals.

You’ll need a lighter, a heat proof surface and a Sage bundle.

Light the end of your bundle to create a smoke from the leaves bruning. If any flames occur, blow these out immediately. Holding the not smoking end of the bundle, guide the smoke around the room or space you are cleansing. Stub out the bundle on a heat proof surface when you are finished. The bundle can be reused for another time.

Alternatively, try burning our Sage incense cones or incense sticks.

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