A Guide to Using Scent During the Summer Months

Transform your space with scent, no matter the season

The luxury of longer days and outdoor blooms signifies the perfect time to introduce fresh, floral and herbaceous scents into your home.

At Earl of East, we’ve been crafting candles, incense, and room fragrances for over ten years and this has shown us that the right aroma can transform your space and mindset, no matter the season.

Scents Reminiscent of Holidays

No holidays booked? Discover scents that transport you away mentally. Candles and incense with zesty citrus or fresh floral notes bring the energy of park days and sparkling drinks right into your home.

Our Greenhouse, Flower Power and Viagem fragrances bring a mix of tomato vine, sweet violet and creamy coconut making them perfect for a daytime kitchen refresh or an evening garden retreat.

Invited Friends Only

Keeping the bugs at bay can seem like a never ending task when windows are open, or when you're trying to dine al fresco.

Good news, incense doubles as a charming insect deterrent as well as filling your outside space with a fragrant aroma.

Instantly Refresh Your Space

We get it, candles can often get left behind in the Summer months. Whilst you might not crave the warm glow of a candle flickering, you can still transform your space with your favourite scent, thanks to our Home Mists.

Take Your Favourite Scent With You

No need to limit your favourite scent to your home. Take your Earl of East scent with you wherever you go. Our scented air fresheners come in all our signature scents. Hang them in your car, hotel wardrobe, festival tent, and anywhere else you fancy.

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