Ode To Home Mists

Refreshing your space in just a few sprays

Home mists are a great way to get an instant hit of your favourite Earl of East scent.

Created alongside our candle range, we developed the home mists to give you an alternative way to enjoy the Earl of East scent collections. Here are some of the reasons we love using home mists.

Seasonal transition

We love using our home mists in the summer months. Spritzing fresh, citrusy scents can help make home feel like a holiday.

Allow yourself to be transported to Greece, France and Lisbon when you spray Greenhouse, Jardin De La Lune and Viagem, all bringing that destination scent.

Take it with you

Whether you're travelling, frequent stale hotel rooms for work, or need a mood-boosting refresh at the office, our 100ml home mists will make anywhere feel like home. Benefit from the grounding scents of Mezame, Neurame and Elementary.

Fresh laundry

The warm weather means drying clothes outside with windows and doors open. In smaller spaces, get the outside effect and mist your freshly washed laundry or refresh your space, with Shinrin-Yoku and Atlas Cedar - and also benefit from the natural moth repellent, cedarwood.

No flames allowed

Does your work or accommodation not allow candles? A home mist is an effortless way to enjoy the effect of your favourite Smoke & Musk, Wildflower or other Earl of East candle.


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