The scent of home, by those who’ve fled their own

Our final update is that together with Uncommon Creative Studios we raised just over £11,000. Thank you for all your support of this initiative.

May 2021

We have once again collaborated with Uncommon Creative Studios, this time partnering with the charity Choose Love to launch a limited edition candle range, 'Scents of Belonging'
for Refugee Week (14-20th June).

Each scent has been inspired by the testimonies of three incredible refugees living in Britain surrounding their memories of home.

100% of profits from the sales of the series will be donated to Choose Love so they can continue to help those fleeing war, persecution and climate change.

We had the privilege of collaborating with three refugees living in Britain; Imad, Madjid and Vanessa to bring their scent memories to life, each beautifully capturing the essence of home.

Majid’s memory of sleeping on a rooftop with his siblings under the starry night sky in Mashhad is brought to life with roses, firewood, basil and night-blooming jasmine. Imad’s scent of his Mother’s cluttered kitchen is portrayed through crushed mint, cumin, tomato leaf and tobacco smoke. And, Vanessa’s Grandmother’s garden with aromas of fresh rain, sugarcane, pineapple leaves and hibiscus flowers.


“We’ve always believed that scent is a powerful
form of storytelling so to have the opportunity to recreate the scent of home for three incredible
refugees, whilst also supporting such a brilliant charity, was an absolute honour.”

Niko Dafkos, Co-founder

A Rooftop In Mashhad, Iran

Aromas of roses, firewood, basil and night-blooming jasmine, inspired by Majid’s memory of home - sleeping on a rooftop in Mashhad.

A Garden In Imo State, Nigeria

Aromas of fresh rain, sugarcane, pineapple leaves and hibiscus flowers, inspired by Vanessa’s memory of home - her grandmother’s garden.

A Kitchen In Damascus, Syria

Aromas of crushed mint, cumin, tomato leaf and tobacco smoke, inspired by Imad’s memory of home - his mother’s kitchen in Damascus.

“We are absolutely over the moon to have the support of the brilliant Earl of East in collaboration with our friends Majid, Vanessa and Imad on this very special fundraising initiative, dreamed up, with love, by the wonderful people at Uncommon Creative Studio. We are excited for people to buy them and to be transported to these remarkable people’s happy memories of home who subsequently had to leave all that they knew and loved to seek safety here in the UK. A huge 100% of profits from sales will go to our work supporting people on every stage of their journey.”

Philli Boyle, Director of Partnerships, Choose Love

About Choose Love

Choose Love does whatever it takes to provide refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving rescue boats to food and legal advice. Their work has reached over one million people and supported over 150 fast-acting community organisations across Europe, the Middle East and along the US-Mexico border. Everything they do is powered by a vision of a world that chooses love and justice every day, for everyone. Alongside establishing the world’s first shop
that sells real items for refugees, their ‘Choose Love’ message has become a global statement of shared humanity and solidarity, with their iconic t-shirts worn the world over by everyone from.

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