The Leftovers sandwich

Christmas lunch leftovers are the gift that keep on giving. You can load anything and everything into your boxing day sandwich, and nobody will pass judgement. Ham, cranberry sauce, sprouts and roasties - it’s your time to shine (again).

To each their own on this one - like we said, this is a judgement free zone - but if you’re all about the straight up classic, this is what we’re running with:

The Leftovers Sandwich

The Bread
If you’ve got some fancy stuff to hand, lucky you - a ciabatta, focaccia or nice bit of sourdough would work. Then again, a couple of nice slices of wholemeal or thick white would be grand. It’s got to be able to hold up though, it’s the scaffolding for your super sandwich. Butter each slice too, whilst you’re at it.

Mayonnaise, a tablespoon or so
Dijon mustard, spread on one slice of buttered bread
Cranberry sauce, a tablespoon, maybe two
Stuffing, or bubble & squeak
A handful of sliced turkey
Greens - sprouts, or some lovely crisp lettuce
Cheese, your choice.

We’re not going to explain how to make a sandwich, but layer that baby up. Serve with a packet of crisps, and some gravy for dipping.


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