Bath Salt Body Scrub Recipe & The Bathing Playlist

Relieve muscle tension & aid relaxation

The Earl of East Bathing Line was created to encourage you to invite ritual into your day, promoting self-care and wellbeing through scent. Our Onsen and Shinrin-Yoku Bath Salts contain a blend of therapeutic salts and essential oils intended to relieve muscle tension and aid relaxation for both the mind and body. Use them traditionally in a bath for a nourishing soak or try our body scrub recipe for an invigorating ritual...


Earl of East Onsen or Shinrin-Yoku Bath Salts
Your favourite body oil (we love this one from Wonder Valley)
Alternatively, use a nourishing carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil


Mix the bath salts and oil to create a paste and apply to your body. Avoiding the face, exfoliate as desired. Wash off in a warm shower to activate the essential oils and therapeutic salts. Your skin will feel moisturised from the oil and energised from the scrub. Use up any left over mixture in your bath.

Not recommenced if you have very sensitive skin.

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The Playlist

We've gone one step further and put together a great playlist to compliment your self-care beauty rituals.


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