Keep Your Flowers in Bloom with Hana Moss

Springtime brings an abundance of blooms, and if you live local to East London, a visit to Columbia Rd on a Sunday morning to purchase some bunches is a welcomed weekend ritual.

Lovers of fresh flowers in the house, we asked our friend and florist Hana Moss for her Top 5 Tips to ensure they stay fresh for as long as possible!

Trim The Stems

Cut 2cm off the end of the stem at a 45’ angle. This creates a larger surface area to drink from. Continue to then trim every 2 days and you will be surprised how much longer they last.

Keep it Fresh

Change the water every other day and always clean your vases properly between use. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

The Perfect Spot

Flowers are sensitive to changes in temperature, avoid sunny window sills, above radiators, near air con or drafts.

Spring Clean

Flowers & foliage have different vase lives, so remove individual stems as they fade, no need to throw the whole bunch out. This also means you can also play around with different arrangement styles!

And Lastly...

Don’t place next to your fruit bowl. Did you know gasses released from fruit causes the flowers to fade quicker?

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