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Jardin De La Lune is inspired by the 17th Century gardens of the Grand Trianon in the historic Palace of Versailles and is a nod to this luxurious and opulent time.

Louis XIV had the Grand Trianon built within the grounds of Versailles as a folly away from the daily pomp of the main palace. It overlooked beautifully manicured gardens, in which thousands of tuberoses were planted directly into pots and lined the borders of the garden.
The night blossoming flower, was the favourite of the reining King Louis XIV, which has just been imported from the New World. In the night it would bloom with a luxurious - somewhat overpowering -scent and as guests returned to the main palace after evening festivities, the scent would linger in the air.

The grandeur of this building and the gardens surrounding it inspired us to create the warm and luxurious scent that is Jardin De La Lune.

The Taste

A delicious nod to the blackberry leaf scent note

Blackberry & Elderflower Fool

400g Ripe Blackberries
(or 1/2 jar of London Borough of Jam's Blackberry & Bayleaf Jam)
2-3 tbsp elderflower cordial
120g caster sugar
a few fresh mint sprigs
300ml double cream
250ml Greek yogurt

Put the blackberries in a saucepan with the elderflower cordial, caster sugar and fresh mint sprigs.
Set the pan over a medium heat and gently bubble the mixture for 10-15 minutes until the berries soften and release their juices, then reduce to a thick coulis.
Remove from the heat and let it cool completely becoming a jam consistency, remove the mint sprigs.
Whisk Cream in a large bowl to form soft-medium peaks, stir in the Greek yogurt and fold in the cooled blackberry coulis, creating a swirled effect.
Top with fresh Summer berries.

The Collaboration

When we launched the scent in 2018 we collaborated with Artist Charlotte Taylor to visually bring the scent to life by reimagining some of the most famous vistas of the Grand Trianon.

Earl of East x Charlotte Taylor

We first discovered Charlotte's work through Instagram and by chance she was already aware of our brand had previously visited our store.

When we created Jardin De La Lune we decided we needed to bring the scent to life with a visual and felt there would be no better fit than colour pallet and style of Charlotte's work to recreate famous images from the Palace. These prints would not only help to bring the story to life, but would also gave us the opportunity to collaborate with a fledging designer, allowing us to create something unique.

Each of the three images represent a famous vista from the Grand Trianon.

The Sound

Jardin De La Lune Playlist

The Place

Palace of Versailles

Visiting this Baroque Palace gives you a glimpse of a truly decadent time in history. What was once a humble hunting lodge was transformed to Château de Versailles under the reign of Louis XIV.
Just an hour from Paris by train you will visit more than once
and never not be in awe.

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