Your Festival Checklist

Festival season has arrived!

Don't be that person constantly asking the group to borrow something. Packing, planning and travel are the core factors that make or break your festival experience. Whilst we can’t help get you there, we can help you pack and make sure you get the most out of your time.

Stay Hydrated

Number one rule; drink more water. With all the dancing and excitement, you can all too easily get dehydrated. Bring a reusable water bottle and clip it onto your belt or stash it in your bag to take advantage of every refill spot.


For when you want to camp but not really. Make the festival ground feel like home with packable soft furnishings and all the tech you can carry.

Keep Clean

Pouring the dregs of a water bottle on your quickly dirtied hands doesn’t really leave you feeling clean. Quickly refresh with clary sage and peppermint to kill those germs and bring along a lightweight AKT deodorant that smells and works great!

Pack A Scent Tag

The small luxuries that help you survive a festival. Whether it has rained or the sun is out and the tent is a greenhouse, hang an air freshener from the top of your tent as a welcome back.

Hey! Have you seen my _____?

A lost toothbrush that turns up in a sleeping bag the following year, or a portable charger that never made it to the festival. Organisation is key to making sure you can easily get ready and go, as well helping you wind down after a long day of dancing.

Keep Cool

Cool off by keeping your food and drinks fridge-cold in an easy-to-pack cooler bag.

British Summer Time

You hope for good weather, check the forecast beforehand, but still manage to get caught out in the rain with soaked through shoes and a tent that is sliding off into the distance. Ah summer!

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