The Usual And The Unusual: Ways To Use Our Air Fresheners

The original way to travel with your favourite scent.

Your freshly-washed car classic, reinvented in the Earl of East way. With a long lasting scent and a curated design, our portable scent tags come in 11 different aromas and have quickly become a store favourite.

Over the years we have found new ways to use our air fresheners, and taken recommendations from our customers too. We’ve compiled a full list of the classics plus some of the more unusual ways we enjoy our on-the-go scents.

Hanging In Your Car

The original portable fragrance and the original inspiration behind our Air Fresheners, take your favourite scent with you, wherever you go.

Tip: The perfect accompaniment for any road trip, burn the candle version of your road trip air freshener when you return home and re-live the memories through scent.

The Wardrobe

This is the updated, less 80s version of scented draw liners. Hang Earl of East air fresheners in your wardrobe or place in drawers to keep your clothes smelling their best.

Tip: Choose scents containing Cedarwood like Atlas Cedar and Shinrin-Yoku to help keep moths away.

Travel Companion

Travelling? Place an Earl of East air freshener in your bag for an always pleasant scent surprise upon opening.

Tip: Fresher and lighter scents like Strand and Viagem work wonders for tightly packed bags.

Locked Away

Your gym or work locker could definitely benefit from a scent hit. Hang your air freshener to keep your less fresh clothes and towels smelling new.

Festival Tent

The small luxuries that help you survive a festival. Whether it's rainy and everything is damp or the sun is out and the tent is a greenhouse, hang an air freshener from the top of your tent to welcome back after a night of dancing.
How do you like to use yours? Let us know!

An ode to home mists

Another travel size alternative to carrying your favourite scent. From scenting a room, to refreshing your laundry, find out our favourite ways to use home mists.

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