Must Visit Coffee Spots in London

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur or just looking for a cosy spot to enjoy a cup, London offers a diverse array of coffee houses that cater to every palate. Discover our favourite, must-try spots here.


Locations: Liverpool Street, Moorgate, Bank

Ideal for sitting in accompanied with a book or newspaper, Rossyln's interiors are beautiful, thoughtful, and luxurious in their minimalism. Its team of baristas are warm and helpful, and the coffee excellent.

Blank Street

If you're looking for the latest coffee trend, Blank Street is bound to have it. Born in Brooklyn, New York, they caught our attention with their unique coffee menu and Instagrammable-interiors. We recently teamed up with the Blank Street to bring their famous blueberry-matcha drink to life in scented candle form.

Climpson & Sons

Locations: Broadway Market, Old Spitalfields Market

Pioneers of the East London coffee scene and beyond, Climpsons & Sons set up shop on Broadway Market what seems like many moons ago. Their dedication to flavour and quality unfaltering, and they roast their own beans, so grab a bag for home while you’re visiting.


Locations: Shoreditch, Dalston

A very short hop from where Allpress had their original store and roasters, you’ll find one of our favourite espresso bars in Shoreditch. Not many do it better, and as such we’ve been been visitors for years. We’re also super proud stockists of Allpress and users of their beans in our stores.

Courier Coffee

Locations: Hackney

Opened in the Autumn of 2023, Courier Coffee is the latest project of Courier Media, with a purpose to support the growth of independent makers. The vibrant and contemporary interior serves as a hub for some of the most noteworthy emerging food and drinks brands.

Cafe Vins

Locations: Soho

Perfect for a coffee stop just aside from the major bustle of Carnaby St., Cafe Vins has a small curation of books, zines and clothing to scope out whilst you’re waiting for your flat white. The interior is charming, and the coffee top-notch.


5 Ways to Bring Café Core into your Home

Weaving its inviting essence into our homes, the Cafe Core trend emerges as a tribute to the cosy camaraderie and warmth found within these communal hubs. It's more than just a good cup of coffee - it's about curating spaces that echo the comfort, functionality, and social allure reminiscent of your favourite corner cafe.

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