5 Ways To Bring Café Core Into Your Home

The art of creating spaces reminiscent of your favourite café

Weaving its inviting essence into our homes, the Café Core trend emerges as a tribute to the cosy camaraderie and warmth found within these communal hubs. It's more than just a good cup of coffee - it's about curating spaces that echo the comfort, functionality and social allure reminiscent of your favourite corner café.
At the heart of Café Core lies a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. It's about creating spaces that effortlessly cater to daily life while embodying an inviting charm.

Beyond the mere arrangement of furniture, Café Core embodies the essence of social ambiance. It’s the art of creating spaces that naturally invite connections and conversations.

Think of spaces adorned with ambient lighting, cosy seating arrangements, and inviting decor that encourages friends, family, or even strangers to linger, fostering moments of shared experiences and community, much like the lively chatter of a bustling coffeehouse.

1. Choose Cosy Tones & Textures

Choose warm and inviting colours for your space. Earthy tones, and muted hues create a comfortable and relaxing environment reminiscent of cafes. Upgrade to comfortable seating arrangements, opt for plush chairs and soft cushions that will encourage you to settle in and enjoy the space.

Use ambient lighting to add to the cosy atmosphere. Lamps and lit candles work to create an inviting space.

2. Create Your Own Coffee Station

Dedicate a space for a coffee station, tea making or a small bar area, it doesn't have to be fancy, simply space you make your favourite brew. Use it to display mugs, coffee beans, and your coffee maker of choice here.

3. Make a Reading Nook

If space allows, designate a cosy reading nook with a comfortable chair or a small sofa. Add a side table for your coffee, a reading lamp, and create a space where you can unwind with a good book or magazine.

4. Scent the Space

We truly believe in the power of scent to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any home. In a kitchen & dining setting, we'd recommend choosing fresh, herbaceous and uplifting scents to compliment the setting.

Our Strand scent collection is a particularly great nod to the cafe culture trend. Inspired by the coffee-centric city of Copenhagen, its a unique blend of mandarin, birchwood, and bay leaf.

5. Background Music

Finally, create a playlist of your favourite cafe-style music. Soft jazz, acoustic tunes, or instrumental tracks can enhance the ambiance and transport you to a café setting. In need of some inspiration? Find our playlists here.

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