We’re using Zoom for our virtual workshops - similar to Skype or Facetime - however it allows for a big group call! 
We will send you a link to the workshop call prior to your class, you’ll find this in your reminder email. So five minutes prior to your class time simply click on this link and it’ll take you straight through to the app if you’re using your phone or website if you’re on a desktop. We suggest a bigger screen if possible simply for a better viewing experience.
You don’t actually have to have a Zoom account, as long as you follow the link we sent you in your reminder email. We suggest you get familiar with Zoom before your workshop so you feel confident. 
Please download the app if you’re using a phone or tablet by searching ZOOM Cloud Meetings otherwise simply access the website via https://zoom.us/

To join the call follow these steps
- 5 minutes before your workshop time please click on the link we will have sent you in the reminder email

- Once you’ve clicked the link, great news, you’re in!

- Your workshop leader will set the call up 5 minutes prior to the class time to prepare everyone

- Please click on the video button at the bottom of your screen to ensure we can all see each other

- If you would prefer to be muted throughout the class feel free to mute your screen, there’s a mute button next to the video button at the bottom of the screen. If you choose this option, you will still be able to contribute and ask questions by typing on the message area at the bottom of the screen. However we are aiming to create a sense of ‘togetherness’ through these virtual classes.