Team Earl Favourites

We recently asked the team to share their favourite products from our line.
See what made the insiders cut.
Dawid from our Retail Team
Onsen Clay Pot Candle

Dawid: "I love the hand thrown ceramic pot, a beautiful piece to display in a space. The vessel can also be refilled in store which means you can enjoy the beautiful piece and Onsen scent forever."
Jordan from our retail team
Large Atlas Cedar Candle

Jordan: An earthy but fresh scent, it is inspired by the Atlas Mountains in Morocco and really does fill a room with a sense of calm that I can imagine the desert in Morocco would too. A great scent for a gift."
Penny from Ecomms
Strand Chocolate Bar

"I love Strand for it's almost layered scent combination. At first the birch wood and bay leaf create a warm, cosy scent whilst the uplifting seaweed and mandarin highlights stand out as it continues to burn."

Hannah: "I love the Onsen essential oil blend, I find it really bright and energising, it's great to use anywhere in the home."
Scott in the Hackney studio
Onsen scented candle
Scott: "I love seeing peoples reaction to this scent! It is so unique. The peppermint, citrus and eucalyptus is so energising, we love pouring Onsen in the Studio!"
Emily, Retail Lead
Elementary is her favourite scent
Meredith prepping workshop candles for collection
Shinrin-Yoku Hand Wash & Balm

Meredith: "With Shinrin-Yoku being my favourite candle to burn, the hand wash and nourishing balm in the same grounding scent has taken my collection to the next level."
Niko, Co Founder
'The Scented Candle Workshop' Book

Niko: "Creating this book was a dream come true for Paul and I. It was an incredible way to celebrate our business turning five and transitioning from this being our side-hustle to full-time job. We hope it will inspire others to start their own passion project." 
Ruth in the Bath and Body Lab
Ruth from our Production Team

Ruth says: "The Nerumae sleep spray has become part of my everyday ritual. I love the grounding feeling that the frankincense essential oil gives me." 
Robyn in the candle pouring room
Jardin De La Lune Home Mist

Robyn: "I love our home mists because they offer an instant impact. They are a great way to make my space feel great. 
Jardin De La Lune is my favourite because it's the perfect balance between light and dark."
Yasmeena from our Retail Team
Copal Incense Sicks

Yasmeen: "If I'm going to burn incense, I love to go full hippie and light up some of our copal. I can't get enough of that smokey, herbal scent, and the sticks' crystalline appearance take them to the next level."
Ellie from our Retail Team
Onsen Bath Salts

Ellie: "I love a long bath and the Onsen Bath Salts certainly encourage me to treat myself to this more often! Even if I don't have time for a bath I always throw a little into the shower in the morning as the eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils in the salts create an energising and cleansing steam."