At Home Candle Making Workshop FAQS


I’ve ordered a candle making kit, but what’s in it? 

That’s great news! Thank you. Well, here’s a list of what we’ll be sending you::

1 x bag of 300g of soy wax [enough to make two candles]
1 x 170ml amber jar vessel with attached wick and lid
2 x 10ml of botanical fragrance oils
1 x extra wick for another use
1 x whisk
1 x jug
1 x personalised label & safety label
1 x peg

Please note that we’re sending you enough wax and a spare wick to make a second candle with. You can either prepare this for the day of your workshop OR keep it all back for a day later. If you want, you can also get some of your favourite essential oils out and add to the blend too. 


Will I need anything else ahead of the online workshop?
We will ask you to prepare a few items from your kitchen. The full list is in the product description and will be in the confirmation email. The main thing to check is that you have a working hob with a bain marie OR pan and heat proof bowl or jug to melt your wax with.


Is the live workshop experience in Zoom included in the ticket price?
It sure is! The cost of the workshop is inclusive of all materials, equipment & live Zoom session with one of our tutors. 


I want to host a session just with my friends. How can I arrange that?
Excellent! We can't wait to meet you and your friends. Just drop us an email on, we’d be more than happy to arrange a class with you and your friends


Do I get to customise my label?
You will choose your label name, with up to 16 characters to play with, and then we will print your custom label and send it along with your kit.


What happens if I can’t attend the workshop I booked?
Just let us know with a day’s notice and we’ll have a chat about rearranging your online session.


What if my equipment arrives broken or damaged?
Once your candle making kit has arrived, check it to see if everything is intact. If anything has arrived damaged, please contact us with the relevant photographic evidence and we  will send you what you need on a next day delivery service to ensure delivery in time.


What if my candle kit arrives late?
We have a 7 working day policy between your online booking and your session time, our delivery process has a 3-5 working day schedule, so don’t worry about your kit not arriving in time. If however there are issues with delivery please contact us via with any urgent enquiries. 


Can I use my own oils?
We will send you a selection of botanical fragrance oils, so you shouldn’t need them. However, if you have them and want to use them, have them ready for our session. Feel free to email to discuss your chosen oils.


Can I use my own vessel?
One of our signature amber vessels will arrive in your candle kit. We will be sending you 300g of soy wax, which means you’ll have an additional approx. 130g to make an additional candle with. So have an extra vessel ready. 


Can I use any vessel?
Your extra vessel must be heat proof. We suggest jam jars, mugs or tea cups, even old candle vessels. Just make sure your vessel is clean and has no cracks. 


What if I don’t have a glass bowl to melt the wax?
While not ideal, there is an option for you to melt your wax in a microwave.


Am I OK to have food and/or drinks while learning how to make candles?
Feel free to have a refreshment or a snack during the class, just make sure your hands are free when needed. 


How do I download / use Zoom?
Check out our step by step tutorial on how to connect with us via Zoom here*


What if I’m late to the class?
We will send you a reminder email the day prior to the class time to remind you. Unfortunately, we cannot accept late comers after 10 minutes of the class start time due to interruption so please prepare your space and internet connection beforehand.


What if my device loses internet connection during the class?
We will hopefully resume connection. However, we will also be sending a follow up email so all the steps will be reiterated there. If the connection is lost completely and you are unable to connect to the workshop we will discuss the possible options after the class over email. 


How do I clean my equipment after the class?
Simple, all you’ll need is hot (not boiling) water, washing up liquid and preferably washing up gloves to protect your hands from the hot water. It’s really important to ensure as little wax goes down your drain as possible, which is where the washing up gloves come in hand to help scoop out the excess wax. In our studio we fill the sink up with hot water, with the plug in,  to create a bath for our empty jugs to sit in, this will heat up the excess wax and within a few minutes you’ll be able to pour or scoop that excess wax into the bin. Then just use lots of soap with hot water and a heavy duty or strong sponge to scrub your equipment clean. Our soy wax is a vegetable based wax and the oils we use do not contain any plastic so don’t worry about any negative effects of disposing the small amount of excess wax.


After the class how do I trim my wick?
Before trimming your wick, make sure to check that the wax has solidified. This should be six hours after you’ve poured the candle. To start, just remove your wick, pinch the wick and with a sharp pair of scissors simply trim the majority of the wick, leaving about 5mm worth of wick to light.


Zoom Instructions

We’re using Zoom for our virtual workshops - similar to Skype or Facetime - however it allows for a big group call! 

We will send you a link to the workshop call prior to your class, you’ll find this in your reminder email. So five minutes prior to your class time simply click on this link and it’ll take you straight through to the app if you’re using your phone or website if you’re on a desktop. We suggest a bigger screen if possible simply for a better viewing experience.

You don’t actually have to have a Zoom account, as long as you follow the link we sent you in your reminder email. We suggest you get familiar with Zoom before your workshop so you feel confident. 

Please download the app if you’re using a phone or tablet by searching ZOOM Cloud Meetings otherwise simply access the website here. 

To join the call follow these steps:

  • 5 minutes before your workshop time please click on the link we will have sent you in the reminder email 
  • Once you’ve clicked the link, great news, you’re in! 
  • Your workshop leader will set the call up 5 minutes prior to the class time to prepare everyone
  • Please click on the video button at the bottom of your screen to ensure we can all see each other 
  • If you would prefer to be muted throughout the class feel free to mute your screen, there’s a mute button next to the video button at the bottom of the screen. If you choose this option, you will still be able to contribute and ask questions by typing on the message area at the bottom of the screen. However we are aiming to create a sense of ‘togetherness’ through these virtual classes.


Candle Making Workshop FAQS

Is there parking?
Yes, in Hackney we have free all day street parking during weekends on our street, Gransden Avenue. On weekdays evenings the street parking is free from 6:30pm. In Kings Cross the nearest parking is the Handyside Street multi-story car park. 


Where are your stores? 
Hackney  - Our store and studio is located in London Fields, Hackney. Our address is Earl of East London - 5a Gransden Avenue, London, E8 3QA

We are a 2 minute walk from London Fields station and a 7 minute walk from Hackney Central Station. The Victoria line and the overground are the best links from Central London. There are plenty of bus stops on Mare Street, right by the studio.

Kings Cross - this is our flagship store, located within the Coal Drops Yard shopping district. We are on the viaduct level between Cos and LPOL. The store address is 87 Coal Drops Yard, London, N1C 4DQ

We are a 10 minute walk from Kings Cross St Pancras,, follow signs from the station, you will enter the development via Granary Square and our store can we found via the way finding maps located around the development. 


Can I bring a +1 to the workshop?
We have space to accommodate workshop attendees only as we aim for our guests to feel involved during our workshops. We do have a coffee seating areas situated at our stores, both neighbourhoods have lots to do, if you friend or partner wants to wait for you whilst you enjoy the class. 


Can I book into the BYO without attending the Beginners?
We ask our guests to attend a Beginner’s workshop before jumping into the Blend Your Own class, this ensures everyone already has the foundation skills of candle making and any questions asked will have hopefully been answered in the first class.


Can I take my candle home straight after the workshop?
Your candle will need to set overnight in our studio. You can then pop by and collect your candle within 2 weeks of your workshop, or we can send your candle to you with signed delivery.

Can I choose what scent I get to make in the Beginner’s class?
You will have a choice of 2 contrasting scents from our core range during your workshop.

Do you serve food and drinks?
On arrival you will receive a glass of Prosecco and water. You can of course buy a hot beverage from our coffee bar within bonds. Hackney. As for food, we do not serve any food in-store. 

Where can I grab lunch after the workshop?
We are surrounded by lots of great coffee shops and markets. Earl of East started out at Netil Market, just off Mare Street, this is a great market for food and treasures. On a Saturday Broadway Market offers brilliant street food, this is a 5 minute walk through London Fields park. 

Is your studio wheelchair accessible?
We have plenty of space to accommodate wheelchairs.

How long does each workshop last?
Both our Beginner’s and Blend Your Own workshops last approximately 90 minutes. We ask for you to arrive 5 minutes early to ensure we can start on time and get candle making!

Do you allow late comers?
Unfortunately, we can’t accept late comers under any circumstances, so please do arrive 5- 10 minutes early.

What happens if I can’t attend the workshop I booked?
As mentioned in our Ts&Cs, please note workshops bookings are strictly non-refundable, however in the event that you can no longer attend a class you can rebook on to one of our next available sessions by contacting us on OR We ask that class changes are made at least 7 days before your booked slot. If you book within 7 days of the event our cancellation terms still apply.

Can I join even if I’m not 18? 
We recommend our workshop attendees be 16+. If this is the case, please also be accompanied by an adult attendee.

Where do you sell the materials you use? Can an you tell us where to get them from? 
You will receive an email with a breakdown of the class and links to some materials and equipment we discuss throughout the workshop.


What’s the maximum group size?
We open our workshops to maximum of 14 people, but do accommodate a few more occasionally. In Hackney we can run private workshops for up to 35 guests. 


Can I book in a private event? 
Absolutely! Send us an email to talk more about private bookings -


Can I bring my own oils? 
We have plenty of oils to offer during BYO classes, so you won’t need to bring your own.


Can I bring my own vessel?
For the Beginner’s class we only pour in our signature amber jar vessel. However, if you wanted to bring your own vessel to the Blend Your Own workshop, just let us know in advance so we can choose which wick would be compatible with your size vessel.


Can I bring my own food/ drinks?
We offer refreshments in our Beginner’s class & you can purchase hot drinks from our coffee bar. As for food, we'd recommend not bringing anything along, as it's a pretty hands-on experience. 


Do you have a bathroom?
We do have a bathroom accessible to our workshop guests in Hackney, in Coal Drops Yard we have public toilets on site. 


Are there any differences between the Hackney and Kings Cross Beginner's workshops?
There are no differences in the content of the workshop in each of our spaces. Hackney is a great choice if you want to make a weekend day out of it, with lots of markets all around the London Fields area, including Netil market, where Earl of East started out. Our Kings Cross space is great for an evening in the city, there's plenty of bars and restaurants in the Coals Drop Yard facility.