Truly The Best Tiramisu Recipe

The dessert to impress

A hankering for a classic desert led us to the ever reliable Nigella, and her tiramisu. We’ve swapped some things for others, and added the honestly brilliant addition of finely chopped good quality chocolate. It’s super easy, a joy to put together, and makes plenty so you can share (or just go back for seconds, thirds, fourths).


Espresso, around 300ml, cooled
A tot of rum, marsala, brandy, baileys or whatever you fancy
(or just leave it out if you’d rather)
400g Savoiardi biscuits
2 Large eggs
75g Caster sugar
500g Mascarpone
75g Finely chopped chocolate
Cocoa powder


Mix coffee & your tot of booze in a shallow bowl, then quickly roll the biscuits into the liquid one by one, so as they don’t get soggy. Line a 9inch (ish) serving dish with the first layer of biscuits.

Separate the eggs, discarding one of the whites. Whisk the two yolks with the caster sugar until pale. Fold the eggs with the mascarpone to make a moussy mix. Then whisk the egg white until frothy, and add that to the mascarpone & yolk mixture. Add your chopped chocolate, reserving a tablespoon or so, and give a final gentle fold.

Spread the mascarpone over your first layer of biscuits, then repeat with more biscuits and another layer of mascarpone. Keep building until you’re out of materials / space in the bowl. Cover, and place in the fridge to rest, and wait for as long as you can (at least an hour or two!).

When you’re ready to serve, dust with cocoa powder & sprinkle with the rest of your chocolate.

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