We go back to this delicious salad recipe year after year. It’s super simple, speaks of warmer times to come and will 100% convert any of you who are doubting the bitter leaf / orange combo, we promise!


1 tsp wholegrain or dijon mustard
A glug of good vinegar (white wine or similar)
An equal amount of olive oil to the vinegar
Sea salt, ground pepper
A handful of walnuts, toasted
3 blood oranges
2 heads fennel
Fresh dill


Toast your walnuts, either in a pan on medium heat, or on a baking tray in the oven, for 5 minutes or until browning and smelling fragrant - mind not to burn!

Make a vinaigrette - place mustard, salt, pepper & vinegar in a bowl & mix. Slowly add olive oil, whisking well as you go.

Peel and slice your oranges. Thinly slice your fennel. Separate your chicory leaves, and then your radicchio (slice some of these, and keep some whole).

Assemble your salad in any which way you like. Drizzle your salad with the vinaigrette, and then sprinkle on your walnuts and dill.

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